Welcome to Elite Sniper Team

.:: [EST]Sniper Server ::.

Server Game Type:
Oldschool Sniper Camp / Freestyle / 1on1

Settings and Mods:
ESTSniperv4 - And Other Desirable Mods used for Oldschool Sniper Gameplay!

Server Schedule:
ALL DAY - Every Day!
Wednesday Evenings Open House 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm UK Time.

Server Rules:
1. No Cheating!
2. No Offensive Playernames!
3. No Imagedropping!
4. No Spawnkilling!
5. Oldschool Rules Applied!
6. This is a game for fun so be nice!

We are playing in the Camping in the Extreme Ladder weekly here is the latest results:

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During Gameplay feel free to visit our Teamspeak 3!: